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Giancarlo Montuschi
Atmosfere fiabesche evocate da Montuschi, con il suo popolo di maghi, di animali fantastici che veleggiano sullo sfondo o all’interno di mappe, di galassie, pianeti e costellazioni che perviene alla sapiente sintesi intuitiva del disegno giocoso e ingenuo dei bambini.
He comes from Faenza but he lives in Tuscany and he is the anti-character par excellence. He is painter, ceramist, sculptor who uses a naïve, fairy, fantastic language with alchemical and exoteric elements. He is born in 1952 in Faenza, land of excellent ceramic, he is formed by revitalizing ferments influenced by Pop Art and all these aspects causes two expressive lines for the artist. They are different but complementary. He takes part to many expositions during 1980s in Faenza, Florence, Arezzo, Verona, Bologna, Bergamo, Turin, Bassano, in Sweden and in Zagreb. In the next decade he starts his collaboration with “Ken’s Art Gallery” of Florence. He organizes also the exposition “The art of living” in New York, “Scarperentola” an itinerant exhibition in Milan, London, New York, his personal exposition in ceramic museum of Saint Emillion in Bordeaux. Besides, he takes part to different editions of Expo Art in Bari, Montichiari, Padova, ArteFiera in Bologna. EuropArt in Genova, Spoleto’s Festival. In the first years of 2000 he is in many art galleries in Rome, Perugia, Florence (Imaginary Gallery), Prato, Milan and he increases his presence in Vicenza Arte, Expo in Bari, Genova, International Art Exposition in Innsbruck, West Lake Expo in China. He is invited to 51st Biennale of Venice in Latin American Institute Hall.
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