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Cesare Iezzi
His sculptures are extremely suggestive, they are fragments of cosmic ancestral memories.
Cesare Iezzi is born in Chieti on 12th March 1958. He is self-taught and very young when he starts painting among sculptures and marble sketches of his paternal laboratory. His artistic debut is in the “Bottega dell’ Arte” in Chieti in 1976 thanks to the invitation of the sculptor Augusto Petruccelli. After this young period he develops a dimensional research of some aspects with many works called “Fragments” and later with other works named “Body Transfer” that are the preview of a new concept of the space: the Hyperspace. In 1966 he creates the Hyperspace Movement with Giancarlo Da Lio – art critic- and the painters Tiziana Baracchi, Giuseppe Masciarelli and Antonio Paciocco. He takes part to all events organized by this Movement in Italy and abroad. In occasion of “The tree of the poem- tribute to Ezra Pound” in Tirolo of Merano, he is present with the Hyperspace Movement in Brunnenburg Castle for an exposition edited by Mary de Rachewiltz, Michele Milani and Giancarlo Da Lio. The works of the Movement are in the “Pound” collection. In 2007 in Soligo Studio in Rome he joins to the exposition “Hyperspace Movement, itinerary over the art” edited by Leo Strozzieri. He takes part also to “Forty years of Avant-Garde of 2B Studio in Bergamo 1967-2007”, a tribute to Bruno Munari and it is set up in Elena Club Resort in Silvi Marina with Ivan D’Alberto’s description and edited by Lorenzo Boggi. Between 2006 and 2008 he realizes some works called “Superstrings” inspired by “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene. His topic comes from one of the most interesting theory of the scientific research of quantum physics of 20th century, “The theory of strings or superstrings”. His new works of 2009 recover a figuration to new dimensions such as unconscious, paranormal, mysticism, a spiritual dimension that would be a trace of an hypothetical flash in the afterlife, fragments of cosmic ancestral memories that the artist call “The Angels”. In 2010 he starts painting a lot of works dedicated to great scientific and artistic characters called “Tributes”. Actually, his artistic research is focused on sculpture, transposing the classical concept in a contest over the time. Nowadays, he lives and works in Chieti.
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