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Giampaolo Talani
A strong sea wind is one of his favourite topic that describes his poetry at best.
Giampaolo Talani is born in San Vincenzo (LI) in 1955. After attending Art School in Lucca and in Florence he goes to the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence where he meets Goffredo Trovarelli as his teacher. In 1977 he realizes his first solo exhibition. In 1979 he graduates with a thesis about James Ensor and he takes part to Lubian Award in Mantova, an exposition dedicated to young artists. He experiments the etching but he also devotes himself to the fresco technique and he paintes the great cycle of fresco paintings in the church of San Vincenzo in St. Vincenzo (LI). He has worked there for nine years and he is followed by press and RAI. This great cycle (200mt) is followed by other works: the altarpiece in S. Croce in Populonia church, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Frassine (GR), and the “Preaching of San Bernardino” in the Episcopal Palace of Massa Marittima presented in Vatican to Pope Giovanni Paolo II with his express request that receives the artist in March 1992. His artistic route is characterized by many important solo exhibition based on “Storie del Marinaio”, “Imagerie del Marinaio”, “Storie Nuove”, “Un forte vento di mare”, “Cercatori di Pesci” and “Storie Salate”, “Finisterre – Partenze” that are important for two public exhibitions in 2000 and 2002. In 2004, at Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, Morra Arte Studio organizes “Animali di Battaglia” a special exhibition that allows appointing Talani as one of most important Italian contemporary painter. This represents an essential recognition for Talani that by his humanist vocation goes on with his topic “Ombre”. This topic with “Partenze” is identified as the most important expressive topics of Talani and their summary inspires him to create the great fresco “Partenze”. The fresco is located in the railway station “Santa Maria Novella” in Florence, a work that has specific technic studies to hang up the work to the wall without damage the wall structure below. Actually, it is the biggest fresco in the world (80mq) and he could be carried and replaced everywhere. “Partenze” creates a great interest on Talani’s expressive skills in Italy and abroad and his ability to conceive and to realize public impactful projects. Still within in the institutional sphere there’s the painting “The Hero’s Shadow”, dedicated to the figure of Giuseppe Garibaldi on occasion of his bicentenary of the birth. For this work dedicated to the Hero of Two Worlds, the master Talani is received by the President Giorgio Napolitano, who wants to place the artist’s work in the Pinacoteca of Quirinale, while the work that recalls the great Italian Risorgimento, entitled “Thousand Men” is exhibited in the Museum of the Risorgimento in the “Victorian” in Rome. Florence and Uffizi Gallery organize “Rosa dei venti”, from March to May 2008, a project developed by two complementary directions: one is a collection in Sala d’Arme at Palazzo Vecchio and at the same time a 3 mt. high bronze statue, bearing the same name, is placed under the Loggia of the Uffizi. At the same time, Florence includes a great project based on Talani’s fresco among the expositions of “Genio Fiorentino”. In June 2009 Talani is in fact the only foreign artist to be invited by the Berlin Parliament to open the celebrations of the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Wall with the installation of “Die Mauer-Umbrellas of Freedom”. It is composed by many coloured beach umbrellas made by a bust of sailor in resin (3 mt). Those umbrellas fly over Eastsidegallery along the banks of the Spree. This synthesis of freedom is the second important stop-over of Talani’s project “Oltre La Duna – La Metafisica Della Liberta’”. He exhibits at New York, Washington, Paris, New Orleans, Innsbruck, Colonia, Amburgo, Düsseldorf, Beirut, Berlin. His works are in many importawnt public and private national and international collections, he is appreciated also in USA and Japan. He is appointed by the Ministry of goods and cultural activities and Superintendents for the conservation and enhancement of some important fresco works in Italy. About him it has been written by, among others, Vittorio Sgarbi, Maurizio Fagiolo dell’Arco, Maria Cristina Acidini, Luigi Ravaioli, Umberto Cecchi, Giovanni Faccenda, Enrico Giustacchini, Domenico Guzzi, Tommaso Paloscia, Mario Bucci, Nicola Micieli, Riccardo Ferrucci, Maria Giovanna Carli, Giovanni Lombardi, Gilberto Madioni, Pierfrancesco Listri, Stefano De Rosa, Alessandro Romanini, Laura Farina, Fabio Canessa, Elisa Gradi, Sandra Nava, Maurizio Vanni; many important press and RAI. In addition, he writes many collections of poems and tales that inspire many plays and usually, he collaborates with some national newspaper. Actually, he lives and works in San Vincenzo (LI).
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