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Giosetta Fioroni
In her art we can see her strong relation with writers and poets of her time. Giosetta Fioroni is born in 1932 in Rome.
Giosetta Fioroni is born in an artistic family, she studies at Fine Arts Academy where she meets Toti Scialoja that becomes an important person for her artistic future. In 1960s she creates many paintings and papers called the Silverware: ideograms of faces, figures and landscapes realized by enamel, industrial varnish and aluminium. From 1959 to 1963 she lives in Paris where she organizes a personal exhibition in Denise Breteau Gallery. She comes back to Rome where she is the only female figure in an artistic movement named “Piazza del Popolo School” with Franco Angeli, Mario Schifano. Tano Festa, Francesco Lo Savio, Fabio Mauri and Giuseppe Uncini. With some of these artists he takes part to the Biennale of Venice in 1964. They often exposes at Tartaruga Gallery of Plinio De Martiis in Rome that is considered a reference point of many national and international artists. During this period she has her first experiences by camera and photography. She starts her collaboration with poets and writers such as Alberto Arbasino, Nanni Balestrini, Andrea Zanotto, Cesare Garboli, Guido Ceronetti, Franco Marcoaldi and others creating books and graphic works. She spends the seventies in Salgareda, in Veneto with her partner, the writer Goffredo Parise. Besides, she realizes two portals of New Cinema Olimpia in Rome and Multi-ethnic Virgin in Regina Mundi Church. In 2015 the Pompidou Centre in Paris exposes one of her works, a painting belonging to the Silverware called “The glasses”. In the same year Contemporary Art Gallery Marco Rossi in Milan organizes her personal exposition “Silver fragments with apparition”. In December 2015 she realizes in Museo Madre an exposition dedicated to theatre-cribs with ceramic works, edited by Marco Meneguzzo and Piero Mascitti. In the same year the reporter Gianluigi Colin of “Corriere della Sera” creates Goffredo Parise- Giosetta Fioroni Foundation and Piero Mascitti as artistic director. In February 2016 in the Academy Gallery in Turin there is an exhibition of sculpture-robes in ceramic and historic paintings of the artist for an exposition dedicated to Giosetta Fioroni. It is special because reproduces the archetype and it is edited by Luca and Francesca Barsi. Actually, she lives and works in Rome.
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