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Luca Dall'Olio
Fantastic, dreamy, quiet, plastic and melancholy landscape.
Luca Dall’Olio is born in Chiari (Brescia) in 1958. He studies at Artistic High School and in 1980 he graduates at Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. For the development of his artistic production are essential his habitual travels in Turkey, Morocco, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, USA and China. Luca Dall’Olio realizes an important mosaic of 20mq for the railway station Villa Bonelli in Rome and he was commissioned also for the realization of an other mosaic for the railway station of Fiumicino. Since 1996 the artist is present on some luxury ships of Minoan Lines and Royal Carribean Cruise of Miami with large important works. His habitual travels around the world represent a continuous source of inspiration and observation. Actually, he lives and works in Brescia.
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