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Salvatore Emblema
Per secoli, lo spazio dietro il quadro è stato uno spazio morto. Era necessario far vivere quello spazio, perché è là che la verità aspetta di essere scoperta. Nasce così la cosiddetta “detessitura” che per sempre contraddistinguerà il suo lavoro pittorico.
Salvatore Emblema is born in Terzigno, on the slopes of Vesuvius, near Naples in 1929. He attends Artistic High School and Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Since he is young, he dedicates himself to the painting inspired by the nature around him. He is ready to know its essence and he uses all the natural elements to produce particular colours and settings. His history is characterized by a lot of unique events that allow being a great artist. In 1958 his resources are small and that is why he builds by himself the frameworks to paint on gunny. In 1982 he takes part to 40th Biennial in Venice and he is invited to many important international exhibitions: in New York, the Metropolitan Museum curator Filippo Montebello, acquires five paintings for the collection. In the same year, the Museum Boymans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam exhibits his paintings. Actually, the artist continues the research that produced his innovative and brilliant poetic experience in some places of his youth. There, he sensed that over the canvas he could discover the horizons of creation «…thanks to Salvatore Emblema and his works for having been able to give us the instrument to find again our spirituality in the nature: over the canvas, the horizons of creation».
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