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Salvatore Fiume
Salvatore Fiume is born in Comiso, Sicily on 23rd October 1915, painter, sculptor, architect, writer and set designer. When he is sixteenth he is admitted to Regio Art Institute of the Book in Urbino thanks to a scholarship. There, he learns a lot about different printing techniques: lithography, serigraphy, etching and woodcut. His first exposition is in Milan in 1949 in Borromini Gallery where his “Statues’ Islands “ and “Statues’ cities” have a great success. He debuts officially as sculptor in 1994 with an exposition in Artesanterasmo Gallery in Milan. His production includes works by different materials: stone, bronze, resin, wood and ceramic. Some has great dimensions, such as the bronze statue for European Parliament in Strasburg. There are some of his works in many important museums in the world, for example: Vatican Museum, Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, MoMa in New York, Puškin Museum in Moscow, Modern Art Gallery in Milan. He dies on 3rd June 1997 in Milan.
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