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Vito Bongiorno
In its structure the charcoal owns the dark and light, the night and the day, the catastrophe and the rebirth.
In its structure the charcoal owns the dark and light, the night and the day, the catastrophe and the rebirth. . Vito Bongiorno is born in Alcamo (TP) in 1963. He moves very young to Rome where he graduates to Artistic High School and he is Mino Delle Site’s student, the aero painter from Lecce who is very estimated by Marinetti. He is considered as Italian Yves Klein by Costanzo Costantini because he is famous for his anthropometries like the French artist. One of his most successful anthropometry is realized in 2008 in Fregene, but he realizes also a large painting (about 0.5 km) in Tarquinia in 2002. It is considered unique in the contemporary art sector. In the last years he undertakes a lot of Body and Land Art experimentations. In the Body Art he considers the body the only way to give the artistic expression, meanwhile in the Land art he uses the land as the theatre of creative activity. He creates a fusion between these two artistic movements that are born in 1960s in the United States and they spread in Europe and other countries. In 2008 he is at Lombardi Gallery in Rome with his exposition “Sign and Memory” and the next year he presents an exhibition dedicated to Yves Klein “InternamenteInterna” at Contemporary Hybrida Gallery. Always in the last years, he describes the fragility of our country and then he uses the charcoal because it represents the illness, the split, the bitterness and the contamination. One of his recent work is very important because it represents this meaning: Terra Mater exposed at Macro Museum La Pelanda in Rome in May 2012 during Contemporary Art Exposition in collaboration with Inside Art. In this exposition he organizes a performance where the model, who represents the purity, is blue painted and she moves with a terrestrial globe in her hand. The landmass is realized by charcoal representing the ecological and social contamination of our period. In 2012 he exposes also in Ancona at Mole Vanvitelliana’s Museum where he realizes a performance dedicated to Gino De Dominicis. In November of the same year he receives a special award organized by the magazine Inside Art with a work named “Handle with care”. In 2013 he takes part also to Adrenalina Award organized by Macro Museum where he wins two particular recognitions: Gold category for online vote and audience award. In April of the same year he exposes “Sinite parvulos venire ad me” at Opera Unica Gallery in Rome and then he presents “Marchi d’artista” in occasion of twentieth anniversary of Electronic Art Café in Rome.
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